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Answers to extra-common questions


What kinds of retail products does Alaina sell? Readymade extras are always available in the Extras by Alaina Etsy shop – there you’ll find lettering + illustration art prints, greeting cards, + apparel (I’m lookin’ at you, Indoor Cats + Picnic Haters of the world!)

I’m interested in carrying your prints/cards in my cute shop! That makes me smile extra-wide! Please use the contact form to receive wholesale pricing + information.

Custom Artwork

Does Alaina create custom artwork? Yes! However, Alaina only takes on a limited number of custom projects per year (including weddings).

What information does Extras by Alaina need in order to get the custom artwork process started? Type of project (wedding signage, logo design, custom artwork, etc.), Size, Paper color, Ink color, Portrait or landscape (tall or wide), and the date the project must be completed by. Once this information is sent along, Alaina will respond with availability, project timeframe, + pricing information

Can Alaina pen my favorite quote? Maybe…possibly…not always! If the quote is short and/or unattributed, or was said/written before ~1923 – absolutely. These types of quotes fall into the realm of public domain…while contemporary quotes/lyrics/passages from your favorite new novel are not. As much as Alaina agrees with you and loves to see awesome quotes all prettied up, she errs on the side of respecting authorship (even if her grad school education philosophically gets what those post-structuralists were talking about and she loves listening to Girl Talk).

How long do custom projects take to create? Event calligraphy and custom projects typically require 2-6 weeks to create (depending on the scope of the project). As Alaina tends to book up quickly, it is always best to reach out extra-early in order to reserve space on the Extras by Alaina calendar.

Event Calligraphy

Who provides the cardstock for place cards or table numbers? Extras by Alaina happily provides paper stock that works best for pointed-pen calligraphy (at cost), however, if you are already working with a stationer/paper supplier, you may mail your paper to Alaina’s studio. Keep in mind, letterpress papers make pointed-pen calligraphy a doozy, so if you have questions or concerns regarding your specific paper, message Alaina ahead of time and she will gladly advise! Alternatively, if you’re interested in getting out-of-the-box with some river stones or teacups or blades of grass in place of traditional paper, these surfaces are always welcome at Extras HQ, they just need to be supplied by the client/planner.

Do you offer envelope addressing? At this time, Extras by Alaina is not taking on envelope addressing orders. However, she knows a few awesome calligraphers and is happy to recommend!


What kinds of signage does Extras by Alaina provide services for? Most of Alaina’s signage work is for weddings, showers, + events – examples include: Welcome signs, Signature cocktail lists, Seating charts, hashtag signs, etc.. That said, Alaina also loves working with Boston businesses to create welcome/information signage with a hand-lettered flair.

Who provides the signage surface? Extras by Alaina provides cardstock for all signage 18×24 inches + smaller. All wood boards, mirrors, and chalkboards must be provided + prepared by the client.

What size board should I get? This depends on the length of text required for the project. Feel free to ask for a recommendation!

Does Extras by Alaina offer shipping for signage? Smaller paper signs can absolutely be shipped! At this time, larger wood/mirror/chalkboard signs are only available to clients within the Boston area.

Pricing & Payment

How much do custom projects cost? Each custom calligraphy, signage, or design project is unique + pricing is estimated based on the amount of time a project will take to complete, as well as the use of the project. Factors that affect pricing include: Size, text-length, number of revisions, rushed orders, and the use of the project (personal, commercial, licensing, etc.). Please fill out the contact form, and Alaina will send along availability + a pricing quote for your specific project!

Does Alaina have a minimum for custom projects? Alaina has an $100 minimum for all custom projects. Even small custom projects require multiple communications and time to process before the actual making begins – this minimum covers Alaina’s time in both office + studio.

Can you lower pricing just this one time? Work for free? Extras by Alaina prices are non-negotiable, and Alaina believes fiercely in compensating artists (and all people!) for their time. Alaina has spent years in + out of art school cultivating her artistic abilities in order to do this work, and her cats like to eat. She likes to eat, too. We thank you in advance for your understanding!

What forms of payment does Extras by Alaina accept? Alaina accepts cash, checks, Square (in-person or via invoice), or Etsy (shippable items only).


Extras by Alaina maintains the copyright to each work of calligraphy/artwork Alaina creates. Although custom work is created specifically for each client, Alaina reserves all rights even after artwork is delivered. All calligraphy projects and artworks are for personal use only, unless otherwise noted via a licensing agreement. That said, Alaina loves it when clients share images of her artwork on social media and asks only that she is tagged and credited for her work!